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Close final purchase orders

Purchase orders will automatically be closed when you have booked your goods in via RetailVista. See also guide: Booking goods-in with a purchase order
This article describes how to close purchase orders manually per purchase order or several purchase orders in bulk.
Close the purchase order through the purchase order
We can look up the specific purchase order via Start -> Purchase orders -> Purchase order maintenance
Depending on your indivudal setup one of the following will occur:
When you have selected the specific purchase order, click on 'Close purchaseorders' on the left side of the screen.
Here you can find the purchase order rows for a last check. Click on 'Close selected purchaseorder' to close the purchase order.
The purchase order has changed to status "Closed"
Now the specific purchase order is not immediately visible in the search screen of the purchase orders.
When you check the box "All" after "Open only" in the search screen, it is possible to search for closed purchase orders.
Close the purchase order through the menu
It is also possible to close several purchase orders in bulk.
Start -> Purchase orders -> Close purchaseorders
You can click on the row and see in section "Purchase order rows" the purchase order rows, see image below. This can be an extra check before you close the purchase order.
Check the purchase orders you want to close and click on "Close selected purchaseorders"
Now you see the summary report, which can be downloaded.
You can easily reopen the closed purchase order. See guide: Reopen closed purchase orders