User guide

Process goods-in without a purchase order from RetailVista Mobile

In this document we describe how to finish the process of goods-in derived from RetailVista Mobile without a purchase order.
-> Start -> Received Products
Click on "Received products"
Find the bookmark by searching on supplier or bookmark number.
With the "Edit" symbol on the left side of the screen, you are able to change or add information on the tabs.
Complete this bookmark and process the item to stock by selecting "Process warehousecounts" on the left side of the screen.

Click on "Ok".
Click on "No".
A message will appear that the received goods are processed. Close this screen.
On tab 'General' we need to change the status of this bookmark / goods-in to 'Closed'.  Use the 'edit' icon to change this status.
Use the 'Save' icon to save the status change.
Now the bookmark /goods in has been closed. For everyone it is clear that the bookmark has been finished. Sometimes the bookmark keeps status “New”, because you are still in contact with the supplier about the delivery or something of the received products needs to be sorted out. It is necessary to change the status of the received products. When you are looking for a bookmark you are only working with the “Open” received products, so it will be more easy to find the bookmark you are looking for.
As a test, just to double check if this went fine, go to product maintenance and look-up one of the products you have received/booked in.
Within the product card, select 'Product statistics'.
After that select the 'Stock modification' tab.
You should see a 'ReceivedProducts' line here with the changes you have made (the receiving goods).