User guide

Process goods-in with warehouse count

This guide describes how to ffinish goods-in process, which are processed via RetailVista Mobile or EDI using warehouse count in RetailVista Mobile.
Check goods-in of the bookmark
-> Start -> Received Products
Click on report "51 - Received per period"
You can find the bookmark by searching on bookmark number or supplier.
Click on "Print"
Here you see the report of the bookmark with the items received via RetailVista Mobile.
You can click on the binocular symbol to change the order of the displayed items. This can be helpfull when you have a big amount of products on the bookmark.
Click on "Refresh report" to see the changes in the report.
Check the bookmark
-> Start -> Received Products
Click on "Received products"
Find the bookmark by searching on supplier or bookmark number.
With the "Edit" symbol on the left side of the screen, you are able to change or add information on the tabs.
On tab "Rows" you can see the "Open purchase order rows" above. When this is empty, there are no open purchase order rows and all products from the specific supplier has been received.
Below you see "Received products" with the received goods. You can also find a column with the purchase order number.
Change the amount of a received product row
At this moment it is still possible to change the amount of the product row. Click on the "edit" icon on the right side of the row.
Change the amounts, if necessary, and click on the "Save" icon.
Process warehousecounts
Complete this bookmark and process the items to stock by selecting "Process warehousecounts" on the left side of the screen.

Click on "Ok"
Click on "No".
A message will appear that the received goods are processed. Close this screen.
Close the bookmark
On tab 'General' we need to change the status of this bookmark / goods-in to 'Closed'.  Use the 'edit' icon to change this status.
Use the 'Save' icon to save the status change.
Close the purchase order
It is important to close the purchase orders with respect to backorders, future stock and the correct mapping of received items to the purchase order.
When a purchase order has been received completely, a green line will appear with the closed purchase order(s).
When you click on the purchase order number, you will go directly to the purchase order. You will see that the status of the purchase order has been changed to "Closed".
When a purchase order has been partial received, this screen will appear:
In this example there are still 4 pcs to be received. By clicking on "Close selected purchaseorders", we will close this purchase order. We can order the 4 pcs in the next purchase order for this supplier. When we uncheck this box the 4 pcs in the purchase order will be in backorder and the status of the purchase order needs to be changed manually or be closed with the next goods-in.
As a test, just to double check if this went fine, go to product maintenance and look-up one of the products you have received/booked in.
Within the product card, select 'Product statistics'.
After that select the 'Stock modification' tab.
You should see a 'ReceivedProducts' line here with the changes you have made (the receiving goods).
Check incomplete purchase orders
You can check incomplete purchase orders by printing report "88 - Incomplete or too much received" via -> Start -> Purchase orders.
Find the purchase order by searching on supplier or purchaseorder.
When you haven't close the purchase order you will find the 4 pcs in this report and you can decide to close the purchase order manually. Please see guide Close final purchase orders
When you have closed the purchase order, this report will be empty.